Our Mission

To nurture a collaborative economy by mobilizing P2P networks in building a composable NFT framework that will allow anyone to deploy unique business specific NFT marketplaces.

Collaborative Culture

Mobilizing P2P networks to deliver NFT products on Cardano


Shared Governance

Increasing socio-economic sovereignty for constituents through codified DAO governance.


Incentivized Innovation

Tokenizing contributions within a composable NFT Framework on the Cardano blockchain

Our structure is emerging as the embodiment of purpose, principles and people.

As such, our ethos and purpose is being captured in the form of a charter, constitution and a certificate of incorporation and bylaws capable of creating legal reality in an appropriate jurisdiction*. The charter will detail our organisational structure, conceptual relationships, details of eligibility, ownership, voting, bodies, and methods of governance. It is the contract of rights and obligations between all participants in the community.

*As of March 10 2021, the NFT-DAO is registered as ‘NFT DAO-LLC’ under Wyoming state legislature, which passed the DAO bill (SF0038) that will be voted on by the senate in July 1 2021.